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Black As Season Two – OUT NOW on Abc Iview

•• September 9 2018
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Watch Black As – Worldwide download now on VHX

•• August 28 2016

Our television web series “Black As” officially launched in Australia this past month via the ABC. Much appreciation goes out to our fans and all viewers, who have already helped make it one of the most popular and highly watched shows in Australian history. For all our international fans, we’ve just made it available for download online.

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•• June 1 2016
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Preview Screening

•• February 27 2016
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•• September 22 2015

It’s a wrap! As of last week (8/9/15), we have completed all photography for Black As…..YAY!!!!

All shooting went exceedingly well and we managed to pretty well stick to the scripts. A few details dropped off but many more things happened which embellished the existing scenarios or brought more tension, drama, insight and jeopardy to an already action packed series.

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Kabelbel now out on DVD and new website

•• March 3 2014

Kabelbel screens at FIFO film festival in Tahiti.

Prior to its official launch in Australia Kabelbel was screened at FIFO in Tahiti. Judges gave it rapturous praise but unfortunately it failed to win best film.

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Coniston television premiere on ABC1

•• January 4 2013

Straight from sellout seasons at the Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane Film Festivals, Coniston is screening on Monday 14 January at 9.30pm on ABC1.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see this award-winning documentary.

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Coniston trailer now online

•• December 20 2012

Watch the trailer for Coniston now.

In 1928, following the murder of a white dingo trapper, Central Australia would witness the last known massacre of its indigenous people. With over one hundred killed during a series of punitive expeditions, now known as the Coniston Massacre, many lived to tell of the wholesale slaughter of innocent people.

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TTWC Winner of Walkely Documentary Award 2012

•• October 12 2012

Then the Wind Changed had been awarded the coveted Walkely Documentary Award for 2012. Congratulations to Celeste for this historic achievement!

“As both an observer and a participant in the story, Celeste Geer achieved rare intimacy with the members of her community as they put their lives together long after the headlines had moved on.

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Then the Wind Changed trailer

•• August 30 2012

Our latest production is Celeste Geer’s stunning film Then The Wind Changed which screened on ABC 1 in February 2012 and is now available on DVD

One small Australian community’s difficult but inspiring recovery from devastating bush fires, Then the Wind Changed shows human beings’ amazing potential to manage adversity and rise from despair.

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