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Inventions from the Shed

•• ABC         •• 2005

From the extraordinary to the eccentric, these stories delve deep inside the driven, obsessive and wacky world of the inventor.

This five part series takes us deep into the inner sanctum of the inventor – the shed. That private place where they find their inspiration – and most of the working parts – for their next creation. Whether it’s a revolutionary engine or a side burn stencil, it all starts in the shed.

The inventors are original thinkers that simply can’t get through the day without having a bright idea. Their sheds provide a sacred, private sanctuary where they can meditate on new and innovative ideas, hack into a piece of steel, study the inner workings of a redundant gadget or draw up plans for a new machine.

Many of the inventors beaver away for decades with limited success, others create something truly remarkable overnight and are in the process of commercialising their “baby”. Some pin all their hopes and money on tragic disasters, battling away against the odds.

Reflecting their world through an eclectic array of characters and stories that traverse the country, Inventions from the Shed takes a spanner to the odd-bod, freak and quirky inventor.

From the pure joy of seeing an idea come to life to the black humour of the fabulous failures, this is a wonderful journey into the driven and obsessive world of the backyard inventor.