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Love’s Harvest

•• SBS         •• 2008

First they found each other and then they found farming… a quartet of stories about love, the seasons and living on the land.

Love’s Harvest is a series of four beautiful and intimate stories about organic farmers. Each episode portrays the experiences of couples and families toiling hard for their belief in organic goodness and the love and life it provides.

The demand for organic produce is on the rise but the perils and uncertainties of farming remain steady for those on the land. The farms in Love’s Harvest yield rude awakenings, happy surprises, heartbreaking loss and small, overdue fortunes. The beauty and serenity of rural life is jolted regularly by the reality of hard work and uncertainty. Relationships are strained or reaffirmed by the challenges of losing crops or feeding stock, while carefree country kids learn to be savvy business entrepreneurs.