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Veiled Ambition

•• 2016

Cultures and couture collide when Frida, a feisty Lebanese Muslim woman from Melbourne, chases her dream of creating a fashion empire.

Frida is a young Lebanese woman with a thick Aussie accent and a dream of creating her own fashion empire. When she wins $4000 in a radio competition, Frida opens a shop in Sydney Road Coburg, hoping to create a fashion Mecca for Islamic women.

But business in burkas is slow. With creditors knocking at her door, Frida ditches the slow selling hijabs to make room for a glamorous range of Hollywood styled gowns. With passion, humour and relentless stamina this ” little aussie battler in a scarf” negotiates a long distance romance and the dramas that ensue when couture and cultures collide.

“Should be required viewing in every Australian School. The film interrogates notions of citizenship and national identity, and a questing desire for personal authenticity.”
The Weekend Australian

  • Writer and Director
    Celeste GeerProducer
    Jeni McMahonCamera
    David BattyEditor
    Sioux CurrieComposer
    Patrick RobertsonAssociate Director
    David Batty

    Additional Camera
    Celeste Geer
    Jenni Meany
    Claudia Rowe


Sound Recordists
David Batty
Celeste Geer
Jeni McMahon

Leah Vandenberg

Narration Script
Celeste Geer
Jeni McMahon

Post Production Assistant
Frank Batty

Sound Post Production
Tristan Meredith

Video Post
Complete Post

Online Editor
Chris Ward