Watch Black As – Worldwide download now on VHX

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•• AUGUST 28 2016

Our “Black As” web series officially launched in Australia on 4 July . Much appreciation goes out to our fans and viewers who have helped make it one of the most popular and loved programs on ABC’s iView. For our international fans in the United States, United Kingdom and many other countries throughout the far reaches of the globe who have left comments on our Facebook page, asked where the show can be downloaded, and even begged us to make it available online…there is some great news. We’re about to make every episode of the complete series of Black As available online to all of you! Follow the link to the new video streaming site below.

Updated 28 August: As of today we’ve  launched every episode of season 1 of Black As on VHX.  Go there now to watch the whole series.

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For a sneak peak check out the Pilot Episode here: