Kabelbel now out on DVD and new website

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UPDATE! Now out on DVD! Go to our online shop.

Kabelbel screens at FIFO film festival in Tahiti.

Prior to its official launch in Australia Kabelbel was screened at FIFO in Tahiti. Judges gave it rapturous praise but unfortunately it failed to win best film.

Kabelbel follows the members of the Kabelbel Cultural Group as they are taught the art of canoe making and seafaring by clan elders.  Intergenerational differences and a sense of social change emerge along the way, along with a profound sense of cultural pride. Shot entirely on the remote island of Masahet in Papua New Guinea’s New Ireland Province, Kabelbel captures the daily rhythm of contemporary village life and reveals with great nuance the importance of custom and tradition in a changing world.

Check out the Kabelbel trailer here: https://vimeo.com/60990029

Check out the Kabelbel website at kabelbel.com